Anyone registering a company in Zimbabwe will be faced with complicated administrative work to get their business registered. Its not as easy especially in a company like Zimbabwe. Fortunately, company registration agents in Zimbabwe can help out with the process of incorporating a company.

Using a company registration agent allows for a more efficient and straightforward procedure, and it reduces the potential of filing errors that may lead to rejection. Furthermore, company registration agents often offer many other useful products and services, both for new entrepreneurs and for seasoned business professionals.

What are company registration agents in Zimbabwe?

As the name suggests, the core service of company registration agents is to register or incorporate companies. This essentially covers the successful creation and registration of a new company with the Companies Registry, so that a new business can get on its feet and begin trading. As well as the incorporation of standard Private Limited Companies (PLC’s), registration agents will normally be able to also register Private Business Corporations (PBC’s), Corporative Companies, Companies Limited by Guarantee and Foreign Companies.

As well as the core service of streamlining incorporation, registration agents often provide a range of products and services designed to meet the needs of start-ups and new business ventures, including:

  • Guidance – a company registration agent may be able to provide guidance for clients in terms of choosing the right company structure to register (e.g. Private Limited Company or Private Business Corporation) and also deciding on the right company registration package.
  • Information – agents will often have a wealth of free information on their websites to help entrepreneurs with a wide variety of company registration questions (e.g. how to go about choosing a company name).
  • Company secretarial support – this service can help to maintain statutory registers, prepare and file Annual Returns, Declaration of Annual General Meeting and carry out other administrative matters.
  • Registered office address – for companies which do not have premises, being able to use an address in a business location can look more professional than using a home address, etc.
  • Business bank account – company registration agents often have the experience in dealing with banks and can help companies which also need a new business bank account.

How do I know if a company registration agent is legitimate?

The Companies Registry licenses company registration agents that have successfully met all their requirements i.e. who are qualified Chartered Secretaries or Law Firms. The list is available at the Companies Registry at any time for you to verify if the company registration agent you are dealing with is legit.

NB: Whilst the companies on this list have been licensed, they will all provide different levels of service, so it’s important to choose wisely (e.g. compare pricing and services offered, and look at customer reviews, etc.).

What are the advantages of using company registration agents in Zimbabwe?

Your company will be accepted

The Companies Registry only deals with company registration agents that it has licensed and will reject companies submitted by individuals.

Fast turnaround and low cost

A new company can often be registered by a company registration agent within 7-9 working days. Because licensed agents are given preference, this minimises any delays and ensures quick incorporation.

And because registration agents deal with a high volume of registrations, they are able to keep the cost very low even for as little as US$60.00. If you compare this to the expense of asking an accounting or law firm to register a company this can run into several hundred of dollars, it is clear why using a registration agent can save money.

Efficiency and simplicity

Setting up a company through a registration agent generally makes the process of incorporation more straightforward. This is because everything has been optimised to simplify the process for customers.

Furthermore, if there are any questions, leading agents have a team of company registration experts who can provide specialist assistance to customers, either by WhatsApp or over the phone. All this helps to make the overall process as streamlined as possible, and it reduces any complications which can result in mistakes or even rejected incorporation applications.

Incorporation of different types of company structure

A wider range of company structures can normally be incorporated via a company registration agent, including:

  • Private Limited Companies
  • Private Business Corporation
  • Corporative Company
  • Companies Limited by Guarantee
  • Foreign Companies
Additional services

As well as their core services, a well-established company registration agent is able to provide a wide range of valuable business services to their customers, often at little additional cost. These include:

  • Address services – company directors and others will need to provide an address for any official correspondence. Although a home address can be used, many businesses without a physical office prefer to use an address service provided by a registration agent.
  • Company secretarial services – some agents provide full secretarial support, which helps business owners make various changes to their company, and can prepare and file Annual Returns, Declaration of Annual General Meeting, etc. This provides peace of mind that all company secretarial aspects of the business are being managed professionally – and without the expense of paying a dedicated company secretary.
  • Annual Returns – all companies are legally required to submit an Annual Return) each and every year to the Companies Registry. The Annual Return essentially sets out the relevant details of a company (such as the most recent address, current directors, etc.) so that the Companies Registry has all the latest information.
  • Declaration of Annual General Meeting – all companies are legally required to submit a declaration of annual general meeting each and every year to the Companies Registry. The declaration notifies the Companies Registry that a company has held an annual general meeting.

What are the best Company Registration Agents in Zimbabwe?

1. Shelf Companies

We as shelf companies are obviously one of the best company registration agents in Zimbabwe when it comes to shelf companies. We specialise in shelf companies and we are the biggest retailer of shelf companies in Zimbabwe.

2. Company Formations

Regarded as one of the leading company registration agents in Zimbabwe, Company Formations offers a number of company registration packages and additional extras (such as tax services) for those looking to register a Private Limited Company or Private Business Corporation.

There’s a simple online application form and the transparent fees outline all of the costs involved. Service is efficient and very speedy (Company Formations claim the majority of applications are processed within 7-9 working days).

3. Register your company

Register Your Company offers some of the lowest priced company registration packages in Zimbabwe. That makes them an obvious choice for many entrepreneurs who are starting. They also offer excellent customer support and the company registration process is as simple as you’ll find anywhere.

4. Companies

As one of the best reviewed company registration agents in Zimbabwe, Companies have an excellent reputation.

That’s partly driven by the excellent customer service they offer alongside a good range of services. The package options are well priced and one of the cheapest in Zimbabwe.

5. Zimbabwe Companies Registry

Zimbabwe Companies Registry is a service by Numeri Incorporated, Zimbabwe’s leading company registration agent. Zimbabwe Companies Registry offer some of the lowest priced initial company registration packages in Zimbabwe.

That makes them an obvious choice for many startups, especially as they are one of the more active companies when it comes to advertising their services.

They also offer excellent customer support and the formation process is as simple as you’ll find anywhere.

6. Companies Made Simple

Companies made simple is impressive on 3 aspects.

Firstly, they offer some of the lowest company registration prices in Zimbabwe. Secondly, they have a great range of additional services to choose from. Finally, they have a very simple company registration procedure.

7. Companies Made Easy

Companies Made Easy is one of the best company registration agents in Zimbabwe. Their prices are affordable.

8. Shelf Companies For Sale aka SCFS

Shelf Companies For Sale ‘SCFS’ also sells shelf companies in Zimbabwe. SCFS probably has one of the biggest stock of shelf companies.

If you have any of your own suggestions, feel free to provide your own so we can update our list.

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