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When you purchase a shelf company you may choose to use a name other than its registered name in conducting business in Zimbabwe, this is called a trade name or assumed name. Before using the trade name (assumed name) the company should inform the Companies Registry of their intention to adopt a trade name. We provide a professional service to register your company’s trade name on your behalf. 

We will prepare and file the necessary form at the Companies Registry, and also provide all related documents such as a resolution, minutes and certificate of name change.

What’s included?

  • Minutes: Companies are required by the Companies and Other Business Entities act [Chapter 24:31] to maintain minutes of all meetings of the directors, and for these to be available for inspection by any director. The director(s) should pass minutes to agree on the use of a trade name
  • Name search application to ascertain whether the trade name is available for registration
  • CV 4 : confirmation for approval or rejection of the proposed trade name
  • A notification to the registrar of the intention to use a trade name
  • Companies Registry fees
  • Certificate of assumed name

Trade Name Registration

Order by calling or WhatsApp 0778 702 715.

US$118.00 US$100.00 with a shelf company. Enjoy a 20% discount!!!


What happens next?

Once you have purchased this service, we will process your trade name.

How much does it cost?

Our trade name registration service costs US$118.00 US$100.00. Our prices are discounted when you order together with a shelf company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a trade name?

A trade name is the official name under which a company chooses to do business. For example, a company legally registered as Big Shoe Investments (Private) Limited’ may choose to trade as ‘Big Shoe’ which will be their trade name. A trade name is also known as an assumed name in Zimbabwe.

Are trade names now being registered?

The introduction of the Companies and Other Business Entities brought about a wholesale of changes to Zimbabwe’s company law. One of the changes brought about was that trade names should now be registered.

Why should I register my trade name?

You should register your trade name because this will offer protection to your trade name. Once you register the name, no one can then use it and if anyone does, you have the legal ground to stop them.

What do I need to provide to register a trade name?

You need to provide your proposed company’s trade names and company number.

What do I receive if register my trade name?

You will receive a certificate of assumed name.

How many trade names can a company register?

You can register as any trade names as you want.

Do trade names end with ‘LTD’ or ‘Limited’?

No, they do not end with ‘ltd’ or limited. The ‘ltd’ is only found on the original registered company name.

What if I nolonger want to use my trade name?

You will just stop. However, you would need to inform your customers, bankers and all interested parties to keep them up to speed with those developments.

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