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US$228.00 with a Shelf Company, US$285.00 without.

Enjoy 20% discount!!!



Service details

You can change the name of your company at any time after you purchase it. Shelf Companies provides a professional service for clients who wish to change the name of their shelf company at a huge discout if you order the service at the point of shelf company purchase.

We will prepare and file the necessary form at the Companies Registry, and also provide all related documents such as a resolution, minutes and certificate of name change.

The cost of our Company Name Change Service is US$228.00 with a shelf company, US$285 without. Enjoy US$57.00.

What’s included?

  • Minutes: Companies are required by the Companies and Other Business Entities Act [Chapter 24:31] to maintain minutes of all meetings of the directors, and for these to be available for inspection by any director. The director(s) should pass minutes to change the company’s name.
  • Resolution – Existing shareholders must agree to change the name of the company by signing a special resolution.
  • Updated statutory registers.
  • Name search.
  • Notification of company name change.
  • Companies Registry special resolution for name change.
  • Origination and placement of the newspaper advert.
  • Companies Registry fees.
  • Certificate of name change.


Change your company name

Order by calling or WhatsApp 0778702715.

US$285.00 US$228.00 with shelf company. Enjoy a 20% discount!!!


What happens next?

Once you have purchased this service, we will process your trade name.

How much does it cost?

Our company name change service costs US$285.00 US$100.00. Our prices are discounted when you order together with a shelf company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my company refistration number change?

No, the company number will remain the same.

Will I receive a new certificate of incorporation?

No. The original certificate of incorporation will remain intact and will be supplemented with a certificate of company name change.

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