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Why should I buy a shelf company?

A shelf company saves time involved in taking the steps to register a new company. It usually take 9-12 working days to register a company in Zimbabwe whereas you can get a shelf company and start trading within 24 working hours. You will also gain the opportunity to bid on contracts and tenders. Some tenders for example for security services might require a company that has been trading for more than 5 years.

A shelf company also shows corporate longevity in order to attract customers and/or investors and it makes it easy to gain access to corporate credit. With so many unproffessional and uregistered consultants, it might be safer to aquire a shelf than registering a new company to avoid being duped.

What are the requirements to buy a shelf company?

You would need to provide:

  1. Shareholders details i.e name, national id or passport number and residential address
  2. Shareholding structure
  3. Directors details i.e name, national id or passport number, nationality and address
  4. Company addresses i.e physical, postal and email addresses
What is the procedure to buy a shelf company?

Purchasing a shelf company from us is simple…

  1. Choose a shelf company that you wish to buy from our shelflist
  2. Make an order by calling or WhatsApp 0786 507 151
  3. Make payment and receive your company documents.

*The other neccessary documents will be prepared as you wait.

How long does it usually take to buy a shelf company?

It usually takes not more than 24 working hours to buy a shelf company.

What shelf companies are available for purchase?

You can find a partial list of the available shelf companies here.

After I purchase a shelf company - will I get support?

Yes. As our client, you will get free support by telephone, email or WhatsApp live chat for the lifetime of your company.

Can a non-Zimbabwean resident buy a shelf company?

Yes. You can buy a shelf company if you are a non-resident, however, you need to be 16 years old or over and not be a non-discharged bankrupt. You will also need a physical Zimbabwean physical address.

What other services do you offer?

We offer additional services to help you tailor make your shelf company or meet certain legal obligations which include; tax clearance servicestrade name registrationcompany name changeamending memorandum and articles of association and declaration of beneficial ownership. We also provide a Full Company Secretary Service which includes a named company secretary (visible at the Companies Registry) and a dedicated account manager who will maintain your statutory registers, make changes to your company in accordance with your instructions, and prepare and file your annual returns and declaration of annual general meeting (This service is invaluable in providing peace of mind that the company secretarial aspects of your business are being taken care of, ensuring your company records are kept up to date and you remain compliant – all year long.)

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