Basic Package


Private Limited Shelf Company

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Basic Package

At a cost of US$220.00, our Basic Package provides a shelf company with all the company documents.

Consider if

You have a tight budget and you just need a basic shelf company to get your business up and running.

Savings when you choose this package

The total value of our Basic Package is US$265.00, but it is available to purchase for just US$220.00. That’s a saving of US$45.00.

Please note:

  1. Our shelf companies provide a company with Ordinary shares. If you require a company with more than one class of share, please call our customer service team at +263 786 507 151, and we will be happy to assist you.


  • Ready to Trade Shelf Company (Private Limited Company)
  • Company documents including
  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Memorandum & Articles of Association
  3. CR 5 (former CR 6)
  4. CR 6 (former CR 14)
  • Instant transfer of company ownership
  • Companies Registry fee (for director and address changes)
  • High quality printed share transfer certificates
  • High quality printed share certificate(s) for every shareholder
  • Meeting Minutes approving share transfer and issue minutes confirming the approval
  • Letter of acceptance for purchase of shares
  • Appointment letter from new directors
  • Resignation letter from the current  shelf company directors
  • Minutes to appoint or resign director(s)
  • FREE support for the lifetime of your company
  • FREE notifications for annual filings
  • FREE ebook (the ultimate guide to starting your business)

Add a Tax Clearance to this package for a discounted price of US$120.00 US$100.00 and enjoy a 20% discount!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a shelf company with a basic package?

It offers excellent value for those setting up a company on a budget and want to get their business up and running.

This package provides a shelf company with a full set of company documents.

Are there any hidden costs?

The price you see quoted above is exactly the price you will pay.

Companies Registry fees, and we have included this cost in our package price.

All of the items included are a one-off payment, with no need for renewal.

What do I need to provide to purchase a shelf company?

Shelf Companies are easy to buy. You will need at least two directors and one shareholder, and company addresses.

Simply order your preferred shelf company and the documents should be ready within 24 working hours.

See also: Information Required to Set Up a Company.

What is a declaration of non-trading?

A declaration of non-trading is a statement signed by a nominee director, certifying that the company has not traded or incurred any liabilities prior to it being transferred to the new owners.

What are the annual filings that you will notify me of?

Every company should file an annual return and a declaration of annual general meeting. Failure to do that, the company attracts a penalty for every year missed, the Registrar of Companies might action against the directors, it attracts a civil penalty to the directors and the company risks being deregistered.

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